The Industriepark Willstätt bets on very efficient LED street lighting

LED_Strassenbeleuchtung im Industriepark Willstätt

The industry park replaces more than 180 lamps along the streets and roads on the site of more than 200,000 sqm.
The changeover from the existing street lighting to the environmentally friendly LED technique will annually save the industry park Willstätt more than 75% of the required energy. A great advantage of the changeover to the LED technique can also be found in the longer service life of the lamps.
“The conventional technique has an average life expectancy of four to five years, while you can count on about 10-15 years without maintenance when using the highly efficient LED technique,” pointed out the project manager Thomas Bruder.
The implementation of this measure was another component of the successful modernisation of the Industriepark Willstätt.