Energy saving with highly efficient compressed air technology

High-quality spaces are in prime location. The Industriepark Willstätt, located between Straßburg and Offenburg, makes a convincing offer to its commercial tenants. Besides an outstanding infrastructure, the “all-round care” offered by the B.I.W. GmbH (Betreibergesellschaft Industriepark Willstätt) is also important. It includes an uninterrupted supply of the customers on site with oil-free compressed air. High-efficient compressors will ensure this on 365 days per year. Without gear and with permanent magnet motors with efficiency rates far beyond the efficiency standard IE4 will help to significantly safe energy.

Alexander Reichert, CEO, also  added: “However, the efficiency of the compressed air generation is not only an important argument for cost reasons with the current extremely high energy prices.” “Some of our customers, in particular, in the manufacturing industry, undergo ecological audits on a regular basis, at which also the compressed-air related CO2 emissions are being recorded and assessed. In this way, we achieve best values with this new technology.”

All users in the industrial park are profiting from the service package of compressed air. The compressed air is processed energy-efficiently and conveniently delivered free domicile. By doing this, the tenant is able to focu