Cold supply – Latest technology for hot days

Cost efficiency and conservation of resources were the guiding principles for the project of modernisation of the cold supply in the industrial park Willstätt.

“It was possible to complete the project successfully before the forthcoming hot summer days”, reports the manager of the company B.I.W. GmbH Alexander Reichert joyfully.

It was utmost important that the reliability of the supply in the industrial park has not been endangered at any time during the reconstruction.

The two new highly efficient cooling units comply with the highest reliability requirements. They have the power of more than 15,000 common household refrigerators and will ensure the supply of the location for the next decades.

“The new installation will be considerably more efficient and environmentally friendly than it has been the case so far due to the use of the most modern measuring and regulating technology. It will allow a reduction of the power consumption by more than 50%”, explains Thomas Bruder, Team Leader of the Electric Service proudly.

A seven-figure sum has been invested for a reliable and resource conserving customer care at the industrial park Willstätt.